5 Ways To Healthy Eating

“The belly rules the mind”
The above mentioned Spanish proverb explains why some people would eat like as if there is no tomorrow. There are a certain amount of calories that are required for an average person to consume in a day which is considered healthy. Exceeding the amount will be stored in the body as fats or unwanted energy. Usually for an average person whose work conditions do not require extreme physical exertion, a 1000 to 1200 calories is more than enough. But then it varies and you must consult a dietician to know how many calories your body requires in a day.
Following are a few points to consider while eating, to help you get a proper balanced diet.

1. Do not fill up your stomach
The human brain gets the signal that food has entered our stomach twenty minutes later than it actually does. This is why when we have eaten more than our usual capacity, we feel even worse after a few minutes. Because of the late reception of response to the brain, when we think we are full, we have actually eaten way too much more than what our stomach could normally hold. The best way to deal with this is; stop eating when you still have some urge for more.

2. Eat at least an hour before you sleep
Sleeping right after taking a meal is highly not recommended. Your stomach needs time to digest your food and it is best if you give it some time to settle down. It does not have to mean that you go to bed on an empty stomach but just try to avoid eating high energy food at dinner time and take your meal at least an hour before you go to

3. Break your meals down
Instead of skipping a meal and then stuffing yourself up with all that you can, try breaking down your meals to three or more in a day. Eat less but more frequently; that is the key to eating healthy as your calories keep burning and your stomach keeps busy as empty stomach for long can cause rise in its acidic level which can be a very painful condition.

4. Take a proper breakfast
Most of us are always in a hurry in the morning to reach to our destinations and we don’t find enough time to prepare and eat our breakfasts. What we overlook is of great significance. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives us the energy we require to start off our day. It is the only meal which you can eat “like a king” since all the energy is consumed to carry out our daily chores.

5. Minimize carbohydrates for dinner time
Cutting out carbs from our diet is the ultimate necessity. Not only does it help to sleep properly, it also helps to lose weight and avoid gaining excessive unwanted calories. Since we go to sleep after dinner time, our body is unable to convert the entire food to energy and most of it is stored as fat in
our bodies. The best way to deal with this is to eat fewer carbohydrates at night time.



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