Healthy and Nutritious Foods to Have this Ramadan



Healthy & Nutritious Foods for Aftaar

Thinking of what to offer at your next Aftaar Party? Here are our list of most famous aftaar foods that are nutritious and finger licking good. Without further ado, here we go.


These can be eaten as it is or you can take their seeds out by creating a slit with knife. Next, fill up the date shell with fresh cream and push a halved cashew in it. You can make a Date Shake, which is very refreshing and healthy drink especially for ramadan. Here is another interesting variation to your regular dates: Take out the seeds, mash them up nicely, make balls and roll these on grounded almonds. You can also place a cashew nut in the center as well. If you want to mix these balls with chocolate, try choco-date balls recipe

2-Shakes and Smoothies

Try this yummy Blueberry shake recipe which combines the goodness of fresh seasonal fruits to provide you all the nutrition you would need especially in this holy month of fasting. This lebanese fruit cocktail recipe is another delicious and fulfilling option to consider. To beat the heat and thirst, try this Fresh Mint and Lime drink. It will rejuvenate you and give you an instant relief from heat effects


Surprise factor makes meals more appetizing. Take your loved ones by surprise this ramadan by offering them a wide range of tempting foods like the amazing sandwich recipes i am about to share here with you. This section does not only contain recipes for sandwiches but also some other snacks that fit in well in place of sandwiches. If you are a beef lover, try Roast Beef French Dip Sandwich. With chicken, try the healthy Chicken Egg Sandwich with bran bread. Chicken Tostadas  and Falafel are also very healthy variations to regular snacks.


Russian Salad, Potato Salad, Chicken Pineapple Salad, and Mixed Beans salad are very popular salads in our part of the region. Here is another variation to the famous Russian Salad. High in proteins, the mixed beans salad ensures that your daily intake of essential nutrients is fulfilled. To engage kids in eating without much effort, try the Chocolate Salad. You can also try the very healthy and nutritious Corn and Potato salad with rice of your choice.


From the Arabian origin, we have Kunafa or Kunafeh. Here is the recipe of this wonderful dessert Kunafeh Recipe. How can summers in Pakistan be celebrated without enjoying desserts with mangoes! Try this Mango Passion recipe for a mouth watering, refreshing dessert for your aftaar party. Cooking lots of dishes while fasting can be really tough especially in the hot and humid climate around here. Bread Dessert is an easy to cook dish that requires minimal supervision and effort. Eating fruits is very important during this month to supply your body with the necessary vitamins to keep you going strong and healthy. This fruit cocktail dessert is just what the doctor ordered. You can also try making cheese cake with yogurt. Caramel Pudding and Banana Pudding are also very loved desserts at such parties.

5-Kids Special Meals

Kids would love anything to do with chocolate. This recipe of Chocolate Strawberry French Toasts would certainly be a delightful addition to their aftaar menu. Try this Spicy Potato Fries recipe. Or for tiny ones, Cheesy Pasta is a good choice. If your kids love sausages, try this yummy Casserole recipe. French toasts and Chicken Nuggets are also healthy and nutritious snacks that can attract your little ones to the food table.


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