The best business to do in Pakistan.. do lahorites eat a lot?

Is that a myth or do lahorites really eat that much. No matter what, but the fact is that the most profitable and safe business to do in Pakistan would always be related to food somehow. Food is a very important part of Pakistani culture. Especially in Lahore it is the most successful and secure venture to carry out. Just look at M.M.Alam road. Throughout the stretch one finds numerous eateries and all going great guns. The better the competition, more are the chances of flourishing.

Eating or offering to eat is like anything and everything in Lahore. Hanging out means come lets eat out, spending time means doing something while eating, let me show you around means let me show you around the best food places in Lahore  Once a man came from Karachi and after the usual meetings, he got some time off. His Lahorite office mates showed him all around Lahore. By the end of the fifth day, he had seen all the famous eating places and had gained excess ten kilos. Hospitality here actually means to keep your guest eating all the time.

There is this food street in purani anarkali, which is considered the hub of cultural food presented to the visitors in a traditional way. Then there is M. M. Alam road, Mozang, etc.

In short if you’re planning to come to Lahore, be ready to have an experience of a life time…. Of eating 



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